‘The roots of my work come from my study of Qi Gong at The Shiatsu College and with Daveric Leggett. I have combined this with a lifetime of working with sound that includes my studies at The British Academy Of Sound Therapy as well as time spent learning from: Jill Purce, Nestor Kornblum, Michele Averard & Sandra Selva in the jungles of India, amongst many others.’

Tallulah Rendall is a Qi Gong Teacher, Sound Therapist, Creative Facilitator and Singer Songwriter. Her workshops are unique in terms of her lifetime experience as a songwriter and musician, the incredible beauty of her singing voice combined with her mastered playing of gongs, singing bowls, guitar and her practise and study of Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine.

She has been studying sound and its healing qualities for over 20 years. Ten years ago she began her exploration into Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine. She now weaves these two traditions together to offer a space of powerful transformation.

She currently offer Voice Workshops, Song Writing & Creativity Workshops & Courses, 1-2-1 Singing Lessons, Qi Gong Classes, 1-2-1 Sound Therapy and Group Sound Bath Meditations. In the UK she works in London, Bristol, Frome & Oxford.

Photo by Akio Fukushima

Please contact me on +447966502262 or tallulahrendall@gmail.com for inquires and bookings.

Group Sound Healing
“Tallulah is an extraordinary teacher and artist.  Her sound baths are unique in terms of the incredible beauty of her singing voice.  She creates and holds a calm, safe space for her clients to explore the healing power of sound.”
— Chrissy Sundt - Silver Linings Founder
‘Ethereal, enchanting and deeply moving. Collaborating with Tallulah on Sound Healing and movement events with &Sister at Poundon House is a joy. The guests are deeply held and experience so much healing. The result is always a profound transformation. Tallulah’s natural talent and graceful spirit inspires students to go deeper, to seek and then to share peace.’
— Alicia Roscoe - &Sister Retreats
Facilitator Feedback
’Tallulah is a joy to work with, whether she is performing live, leading a workshop or working one to one, she always delivers the goods. She knows how to make all attendees feel welcome and relaxed’
— Adam Wilder - Founder Of Togetherness Festival
‘Tallulah is an incredibly special person and the effect she has on our clients is breathtaking. She has helped many elderly clients, one especially who was in distress in the last days of her life. Tallulah came with her sound bowls and enabled this lady to be in a calm/at ease state.
Our clients use words such as ‘marvellous’, ‘angel’ and ‘gifted’.
We continue to have Tallulah visit our elderly friends as we can see a difference in the lives after she has been.’
— Laura Thour - Managing Director of Chelsea Care Ltd
Sound Therapy
‘I can honestly say, hand on Heart, that I was able to dive deep to an inner place that resounded with that long~forgotten & often longed~for place of my Soul. Tallulah holds a safe & magical place for inner~transformation to seed.’
— Lisa Williams
Qi Gong & Meditation Classes
‘It is a real pleasure to have Tallulah as part of our Nature Nurture Healing Crew. Her magical sound healing, Wild Singing Workshops , Qi Gong and Meditation Classes were extremely well received and many came back for more. Her naturally calm and healing energy is addictive and a must have for every event!’.
— Joshua Clement – Soul Stretch Events
Harmonia - Voice & Sound Healing
***** “A perfect balance of activity, rest and sound. Tallulah was professional, kind and wow what an amazing voice. I was surrounded by beautiful people all needing healing, and the length of the different activities was perfect. I especially loved her song at the end. It has hugely helped with a healing process I needed to pursue. And also huge gratitude for making it warm and cosy! So important! Thank you and see you next time.”
— Davina G - Psychedelic Society
“She is a true master when it comes to using her voice and the way she weaves it into other sounds is completely unique and otherworldly. The space she holds is as impeccable and nurturing as the way a mother tucks a blanket around a sleeping child.”
— Roma Norriss - Togetherness Festival
“There’s a magic to Tallulah’s Sound Bath sessions that I can’t quite describe, except being left with a profound sense of softness in my body which felt beautiful. After the session, I enjoyed receiving the present moment more fully, less in my head and more in my heart. I felt reassured by her presence, the way she brought us in and then out of the sound journey, knowing that something very special happened in between!”
— Sophie Bolton - Dancing Freedom Facilitator
Group Singing
“Tallulah manages to build bridges and inspire young and old alike. Participants are invited into exploring their own voice at their own pace, and before they know it, they are experiencing their first collective improvisation! She brings a great combination of knowledge of her craft, playfulness and a kind approach.”
— Rosalind J Turner ~ www.braveryschool.org

“After being in Tallulah’s wonderful workshops I found the courage to sing solo and A Capella – Her workshop was so supportive, caring and gentle. I learnt techniques to protect and ground myself.”

— Nicola Ley - Qi Gong Teacher
Creativity Workshop
“I immediately felt welcomed by Tallulah’s warm and healing presence and with that I felt safe to explore my own unique expression. I love the pace in which Tallulah delivers her workshops, she creates space to digest and reflect on the gems she shares. I left her workshop feeling confident, capable and connected. I love this woman. I highly recommend her!”
— Jo