“A facilitated movement meditation dance practice accompanied by sumptuous and inspiring music. It’s a place to feel who you are rather think who you are. To feel your true heart’s expression by simply moving your body.’

Sophie Bolton - Dancing Freedom/Ecstatic Dance Facilitator


The invitation to improvise over music of all styles and bring all the qualities of my voice to a dance floor is me at my happiest. Having played in rock n’ roll bands, trance bands, folk bands, jazz bands, studied opera and trained as a sound therapist I have an ability to use my voice in a range of textures that brings a true uniqueness to a DJ’s set. I love doing it and am always open to more collaborations.

I currently have had the incredible honour of being invited by Sophie Bolton, one of the UK’s leading Dancing Freedom/Ecstatic Dance and movement facilitators, to sing live over the music she shares in her events.

Often I will close a conscious dance space such as Sophie’s with a sound healing using gongs, singing bowls and voice. I have done this many times all around the world.

Please contact me for more details - +447966502262 or tallulahrendall@gmail.com