‘Creativity is innate within us all, we simply need to create the space to awaken and nurture that which is bursting to shine forth.’

Photo by Ben Heron


Each July I hold a ten-day Creativity course as part of the Rise Up Singing Voice Camp in Dartmoor.

I use movement, sound and guided meditation to support participants on their journey to reconnect to their innate creativity be that poetry, story-telling or song.

The focus is however, principally on songwriting and so during the course of the week we explore: melody, harmony, lyric writing, performance expression, confidence building techniques, song structure, collaboration and more. It is a deeply transformational process and one of the riches pieces of work I have the honour of facilitating each year.

This course can be offered as a one day or two day workshop, but I will be hosting a full 5 day retreat later in the year.

Please contact me for more details - +447966502262 or tallulahrendall@gmail.com

‘I joined in a Rise Up Singing workshop with Tallulah last summer to experiment with some songwriting ideas I had. Although I am a complete novice at songwriting and was daunted by what might be required of me, the experience was unique. From gentle bodywork, and breathing, we were invited to just go with a stream of conscious ramblings that led us walking outside to gather rhythmic ideas and patterns. It was a fast and inspiring process and led to some surprising and unexpected creative ideas. Some of us completed songs after only two sessions. Tallulah held us in a very loving and open hearted space where our ideas could be shared without judgement. I would do it all again!’
— Robin Jones - Rise Up Singing Voice Camp