‘This treatment provides a potent opportunity for releasing tension, whilst also enabling clients to open to a greater sense of awareness of how to best nurture and support themselves.’

Photo by Iain Kemp

The treatment

Duration: 1hr

Location: Clients home or Clinic in London or Frome

This treatment has fantastic results for people experiencing: anxiety, depression, insomnia, panic attacks, physical or emotional trauma, amongst other issues. It can also simply be focused around deep relaxation.

Description of the treatment: Once we have established the focus of the session, singing bowls are placed on the clients body. The vibration and beautiful sonic massage qualities of the bowls enable the client to enter into a place of deep deep relaxation. This is followed by the playing of the gong and other instruments.

Please contact me for more details - +447966502262 or tallulahrendall@gmail.com

‘I was stunned by the simple power of sound to bring me so fully out of stress/anxiety and into a place of calm centeredness.’
— Vaishnavi Brassey
‘It seems that every time I see Tallulah for either a workshop or sound healing session she manages to help me reach somewhere unfamiliar yet nourishing.

Tallulah unquestionably invests herself in order to guide her audience or clients to new depths of themselves through the incredible sounds and harmonies that she creates.

Tallulah has a tremendous gift which she shares in a way that is humbling and magnificent.’
— Tom Williams - Founder of Legs4Africa