‘In these personalised sessions we explore ways for you to let go of any anxieties you hold around your singing or speaking voice in a gentle, nurturing and playful way’.

Photo by Jim Kroft

the session

Duration: 45mins

Location: Clients home or Clinic in London, Bristol or Frome

These sessions are tailored to meet each clients requirements but generally I combine Qi Gong with voice exercises to build confidence and nourish the voice, before exploring song.

Please contact me for more details - +447966502262 or tallulahrendall@gmail.com

“Tallulah is a vocal magician and will not only coax out of you your inner voice but will leave you surprised and delighted at what you can do. In my first session, I was amazed to find that I not only can sing but can sing in harmony! In my second session, I found myself singing harmonies in soprano (my voice is normally rather deep). Tallulah holds the space in such a way that you feel utterly supported and safe to experiment, let go and discover the joy of your own voice. “
— Sonia Inorbit